Hi friends,

President Trump released a budget proposal this morning that is a direct assault on the middle class. While #TrumpCare hands out massive tax breaks to billionaires, the President is proposing massive and unrealistic cuts in his budget that would harm working families. His plan would shift the burden from the wealthy and special interests onto the backs of the middle class and those struggling to get there.

The #TrumpBudget proposes major cuts to health research and HHS, job-creating infrastructure programs, grants for higher education and teacher partnerships, and housing. These cuts would not only hurt hard-working Americans and slash job creating, life-saving programs; they would also cut funding to the Department of State and other international programs, which would make us less safe.

The #TrumpBudget shows that President Trump has only been talking like a populist and has zero interest in governing like one. It is a continuation of his pattern of governing from the hard right, while breaking promises to the American people.

LOWLIGHTS — The #TrumpBudget will:

· CUT Health and Human Services funding by 18 percent ($15.1 B).

· ELIMINATE support for educating military children (Impact Aid)

· DESTROY jobs by eliminating funding for infrastructure investment (TIGER, Essential Air Service)

· THREATEN increased pollution with a massive 31% cut for environmental protection.

The #TrumpBudget would break several commitments Congress made in 2015, including its bipartisan commitment to equivalency between the Pentagon and non-defense needs — and thus threaten a government shutdown.

Below we have the rundown on most, but not all, of the huge blows dealt in the Trump Budget to each issue area and critical departments where programs and funding would be severely cut, and in some cases completely zeroed out. If you have any questions or need anything more specific please let me know.


#TrumpBudget Message Guidance

The Trump Budget slashes medical research funding and other programs to protect the physical health of the American people:
Overall 17.9 percent cut to HHS: $15.1 B cut
Cuts NIH funding: $5.8B or an 18.2% cut
Eliminates Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program and Community Services Block Grant: $4.2B cut

The Trump Budget breaks yet another promise that President Trump made to the American people to update and reinforce our infrastructure across the country with massive cuts to the programs below:
Eliminates TIGER and slashes Amtrak
Eliminates EDA and Manufacturing Partnerships
Eliminates $ for USDA water infrastructure programs
Eliminates Essential Air Service Program (rural air service)

The Trump Budget scales back and in some cases eliminates programs whose sole purpose is to lift the burden of access to education and encourage teacher partnerships that investment in our national education system:
Eliminates the Impact Aid Program: $1.3 B cut
Eliminates 21st Century Community Learning Centers program which funds afterschool programs: $1.2B cut
Reduces federal work study significantly
Reduces TRIO programs by about $100 million
Reduces GEAR UP program funding by $129 million
Eliminates Teacher Quality Partnership: $43 million cut
Eliminates the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant program
Cuts $2.4 B Supporting Effective Instruction State Grants Program

The Trump Budget eliminates Department of Labor programs that help our struggling seniors make ends meet and scales back job training programs that help middle class Americans and those working to get there:
Eliminates Senior Community Service Employment program for low-income unemployed seniors: $434 million cut
Eliminates the Bureau of International Labor Affairs grant funding: $60 million cut
Reduces funding for Job Crops
Reduces funding for job training and employment service, the bulk of which is grants to states
Eliminates grant funding for the Office of Disability Employment Policy
Eliminates OSHA training grants: $11 million

The Trump Budget cuts funding to the Department of State that eliminates the Global Climate Change Initiative and shifts the several government grants to loans for the Foreign Military Financing:
$10.1B overall cut to the Department of State
Eliminates the Global Climate Change Initiative and ceases payments to the UN climate change programs.
Shifts some Foreign Military Financing from grants to loans
Retains $3.1B foreign military financing in MOU for Israel
Shift from grants to loan may have multi-billion impact on U.S. defense industry
Reduces TBD amount from UN funding. Sets the expectations that these organizations rein in costs that the funding burden be shared more fairly among members
Directs unspecified reorganization of the State Department and USAID that could result in staff and funding reductions in coming years.
Reduces U.S. financial support to critical multi-lateral institutions, including the World Bank and IMF (at a time when China and Russia are increasing assistance).

The Trump Budget eliminates Housing and Urban Development funding for community development block grants that fund programs like Meals on Wheels:
$6.2 B or 13.2% overall budget cut for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Elimination of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program: $3 B in FY 2016 to $0 in FY 2018
Elimination of the HOME program: $950 million in FY 2016 to $0 in FY 2018
Elimination of the Choice Neighborhoods program: $125 million in FY 2016 to $0 in FY 2018
Elimination of funding for Sec. 4 Capacity Building for Community Development and Affordable Housing: $35 million in FY 2016 to $0 in FY2018

The Trump Budget claims to be about putting “America First” but with the cuts to the energy sector and the EPA this budget proposal is about putting “Polluters First”:
Restarts licensing for Yucca
Eliminates ARPA-E, clean energy loan guarantees, and advanced vehicle technology grants
Cuts $900 million from the Office of Science, which supports basic research and national labs
Cuts $2 B from EERE, the grid reliability office, the nuclear energy office, and the fossil energy research office, but doesn’t specify how much from which
Eliminates funding for the Appalachian Regional Commission, which supports economic development activity throughout Appalachia; the Denali Commission, which leverages state of Alaska, federal, philanthropic, and private money to support rural development projects throughout Alaska; and the Delta Regional Authority, which does the same for people living in the Mississippi Delta.
Eliminates the Northern Border Regional Commission
Eliminates funding for GLRI, Chesapeake, and “other geographic programs” which I take to include Long Island Sound, Gulf of Mexico, and Puget Sound
Eliminates Energy STAR program
Cuts Superfund: $330 million or a 30% cut
Cuts enforcement budget: $129 million 24% cut
Cuts research budgets: $233 million, nearly 50% cut
Eliminates funding for implementing the CPP and international climate programs

The Trump Budget slashes the Department of Interior budget by $1.5 billion putting our lands, abandon mines and water programs in jeopardy:
· 1.5 B overall cut to the Department of Interior

‎Increases funding for drilling and energy production on fed land/water
Eliminates Abandoned Mine grants
Eliminates wildlife refuge payments
Reduces land acquisition: $120 million cut
Reduces PILT payments to average of last decade

The Trump Budget also proposes cuts to the Defense Budget but targets our national security programs which will make America less safe:
· UASI is cut significantly and the corresponding national security programs have been zeroed: PSGP, TSGP, Op Stonegarden, NGSP.