Nita Lowey, Progressive Pioneer

Allison Fine | City & State NY | Dec. 15, 2020

…Nita’s energy and smile are legendary here at home. She never morphed into a politician who moved inside the Beltway and lost touch with her constituents. She showed up, whether it was a Chamber of Commerce meeting, high holiday services at her synagogue or a high school graduation. There were no controversies, no feuds, no financial shenanigans, no shortcuts. Nita treats every person with respect, insists her staff does the same, and they all work tirelessly to get people the information, the services and the help they need. 

She is a hero for many people, including me, because she has fought unapologetically and relentlessly for freedom and equality year after year, whether it was in fashion or popular – and whether Democrats had control of the House. Nita had the courage to step into the arena when most women were told to wait their turn, and the grit, grace and savvy to stay there.