Dan Murphy | Yonkers Times | April 8, 2021

“While some Westchester democrats challenging incumbents have been able to secure support and other resources, so far, [Tim] Idoni has been able to secure the endorsement of the Working Families Party, WFP, 98% of district leaders at the Westchester Democratic convention, and almost all of the democratic leaders and committees across the county….

“Idoni has also secured support in Yonkers, where Williams serves on the City Council. Eileen O’Connor is the co-founder of [NYCD16-Indivisible], and an active, respected member of democratic, progressive politics in Yonkers. ‘I like Shanae [Williams] and have watched her speak out on issues like housing and for supporting folks who have suffered through the pandemic. I respect that.’

“‘But I was surprised that she would run for County Clerk. I don’t know Tim (Idoni) very well but I respect the work he has done in the county clerk’s office. The outreach from his office, and the fact that he continues to digitize and improve the office, is the reason for my support. He has done a really good job there and why should we change it? Before he took over the County Clerk’s office, it used to be a place for patronage. He doesn’t use the office for that, and the office just serves the people of Westchester.

“‘Our group is about good government and Tim Idoni is a fine example of that. It’s not a flashy job that gets a lot of attention but he is seen as an exemplar of how to run a governmental office and his views are sought out across the state and country. It’s nothing personal against Shanae but I feel strongly that Tim should be allowed to continue,’ said O’Connor.”