State Committee Members considered and approved a floor resolution during the meeting. Our Party demanded the resignation of Congressmembers Stefanik, Malliotakis, Zeldin, and Jacobs for their perpetuation of the “Big Lie” during the January 6th Certification and their treason in causing the Insurrection. We also condemned them for establishing a New Republican Party, dedicated to fascism and opposed to our Constitution.

A link to the resolution is provided here:

Our team will share copies of this resolution to the Foul Four, President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, Senator Schumer, Governor Cuomo, and the Chairs of each U.S. State Democratic Committee. I hope you also share it with our fellow Democrats in each corner of the State. We must stand united against this blatant racism and sedition.  

Thank you to all the members that voted for this resolution.  

Jay S. Jacobs