July 7, 2021

Tuckahoe Democrats and Supporters,

After much thought and reflection, and incredibly humbled and honored by what we have been able to accomplish together, I have decided that it is the right time to step down from my position as Chairman of the Tuckahoe Democratic Committee. For those who do not know me, my name is Nicholas Naber, a Yonkers Social Studies teacher for 14 years and Chairman of the TDC for the last 4 years. In 2017, I decided to run for Trustee of Tuckahoe. I came up short, but soon after became the Chairman of the Committee.

I had three goals when I assumed the position. The first was to recruit and help qualified candidates win elections; the second was to grow the committee in numbers and strength, and lastly, to gain the Democratic majority in our Tuckahoe Village Board. With the support of countless people in Tuckahoe, numerous organizations throughout Westchester, and elected officials we accomplished each of those goals and turned a 5-0 Republican majority board into one that is more representative of our beloved community. We did this by offering a well-developed platform, being honest and transparent, and allowing the people of Tuckahoe to decide who best represents them.

This has been a remarkable experience and I am proud of the work we accomplished during my tenure. While my energy and passion for serving our community remain unabated, I have decided that it is time for me to pass the baton on to new leadership, but remain involved by continuing my duties as a district leader. Julie Gurdin, who has been instrumental in our recent campaigns, will serve as the new Chairwoman of the Committee. Julie is extremely qualified and committed to the work required to lead the Democratic Committee. I know she will continue the great work that everyone in this community has helped put in over the years.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in the Committee, and a special thank you to all of the candidates who ran for office the last four elections. Without their bravery and perseverance, none of this would have been possible.

Please continue to stay engaged, hold our elected officials accountable and always VOTE!

Thank you, Tuckahoe!

Respectfully yours,

Nicholas Naber

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