Katie Glueck & Grace Ashford | The New York Times | Oct. 4, 2021

The chairman of the New York State Democratic Party on Monday endorsed Gov. Kathy Hochul in next year’s primary race, arguing that a fierce multicandidate free-for-all could be damaging to the party — even as several potential contenders take increasingly serious steps toward runs of their own.

Jay Jacobs, the party chairman, said that the endorsement was his own, and not that of the state party. But his announcement was seen as an early effort to coalesce support behind Ms. Hochul, who ascended to the governorship after Andrew M. Cuomo resigned in disgrace….

“‘Kathy Hochul’s been doing a great job as governor and I hope she succeeds, but I think things need to play out a little bit more,’ said Suzanne Berger, the chair of the Westchester County Democratic Committee. ‘The attorney general, who has also been a great elected official, needs an opportunity and space to make the best decision for herself and the state as well.'”