For Immediate Release: 12/21/21

NEW YORK – Adding to the list of prominent New York officials backing Governor Kathy Hochul’s campaign, thirteen additional Democratic county chairs today announced their endorsement of the governor’s candidacy. Governor Hochul has now received the endorsement of chairs from 48 of the 62 counties statewide. 

“Today, I am proud to receive the endorsement of thirteen county chairs from across our state,” said Governor Kathy Hochul. “My campaign is committed to building a diverse, statewide coalition that stands up for our shared Democratic values and supports candidates up and down the ticket. I look forward to working with these leaders and New Yorkers in every county to build a more resilient state for all.”

Dia Carabajal, Cayuga County Democratic Committee Chair
“I’m thrilled to endorse Kathy Hochul’s bid for governor. Year after year, she has shown up for Central New York. I am proud to give her my personal support.”

Dora Leland, Chemung County Democratic Committee Chair
“Speaking on behalf of myself, a life-long educator, union member, New Yorker and Democrat, I am proud to stand with Governor Kathy Hochul as she runs for election in 2022. Governor Hochul has proven time and again her dedication and commitment to all New Yorkers. She is a fierce advocate for the people of New York State. I have every bit of confidence that she will continue to do an amazing job as governor of our great state.”

Patti Giltner, Chenango County Democratic Committee Chair
“I fully support Kathy Hochul for Governor. Her experience at many levels of government and her many visits to all areas of the state serve her well. I have found her to be down-to-earth, interested in local level issues, and able to see the broader picture — all desirable qualities in a leader.”

Sam Hodge, Columbia County Democratic Committee Chair
“Governor Hochul is the leader New York State needs. She has the experience and values to tackle the daunting challenges facing our state. Her fresh ideas have already reset Albany. She’s demonstrated that results are more important than ego and pragmatism is the driver of change. As our governor she’s focused on helping people and advancing her vision for a better, brighter future for our state. She has risen to the challenge. I’m proud to support Governor Hochul.”

Kathleen Hayek, Delaware County Democratic Committee Chair
“I’m proud to stand in support of Governor Kathy Hochul for Governor. For me, it’s an easy choice, since she fulfills the trifecta of my top three dreams for our NY Governor: 1) she’s a smart, personable, and determined woman of high integrity and huge vision; 2) she’s been elected and served with distinction at every level of state government, so she knows first hand of our struggles with rural, small town governance, and; 3) very simply, she stands with us, all of us, in unity in the great state of New York.”

Carolyn Riggs, Greene County Democratic Committee Chair
“I believe Kathy Hochul is the right leader for this unprecedented time. As a leader who has been elected by the people at every single level of government, she understands the political demands of the job and how to govern to get things done. It’s because of this that I proudly endorse Kathy Hochul for governor.  She has been a great partner to Greene County and a strong voice for our upstate values. She practices the ‘upstate way’ in taking care of one another. That makes her administration the best positioned to tackle the challenges and opportunities ahead.”

Liz Moran, Madison County Democratic Committee Chair
“I am proud to stand beside Kathy Hochul as she leads our state forward. Governor Hochul has my full support for her 2022 campaign for election to a full term as New York State’s first woman governor. Governor Hochul has long been an advocate for upstate New York. She understands the workings of local government and appreciates the value of listening to and learning from her constituents. I am proud to offer my personal support for Governor Hochul’s candidacy.”

John Hurley, Ontario County Democratic Committee Chair
“At a time when a deep understanding of how government should work, from the town board to the state capitol and the halls of Congress, no one is better suited to lead New York than Governor Kathy Hochul. Governor Hochul is a tenacious advocate for all New Yorkers and she will continue to fight to keep us safe and our economy strong.”

Brett Broge, Orange County Democratic Committee Chair
“I’m proud to endorse Governor Kathy Hochul in the 2022 New York State governor’s race. Governor Hochul has demonstrated outstanding leadership during her term as governor. I look forward to working with the governor and her administration to place the best interests of New Yorkers at the forefront.”  

Elizabeth Passer, Oswego County Democratic Committee Chair
“It is my honor to personally endorse Governor Kathy Hochul for governor of New York State. The leadership Governor Hochul has displayed over the course of the last few months has been impressive. The governor has been hard at work for the people, safeguarding the public’s safety in these times of an unprecedented pandemic, stressful economic times and difficult political environment. Governor Hochul has maintained a steadiness for all of the people of our state and this is appreciated by me personally. I look forward to seeing her continued leadership of New York State in the years to come.”

Aimee Swan, Otsego County Democratic Committee Chair
“Kathy Hochul has always been a strong ally for upstate New York and for Otsego County. We are lucky to have a governor with her combination of local, statewide, and federal government experience who understands the needs of our communities. I fully support her campaign and look forward to her continued partnership.”

Mark Alquist, Wayne County Democratic Committee Chair
“As the Chair of the Wayne County Democratic Committee, I am proud to endorse Governor Kathy Hochul for a full term. She has a long history of advocating for upstate New York, and I can’t wait to see all that she will accomplish with a full term. Her steadfast leadership will continue to serve us well.”

Suzanne Berger, Westchester County Democratic Committee Chair
“I’ve been a fan of Kathy Hochul since her time in the United States Congress when she cast an important vote for the Affordable Care Act. She’ll work hard as Governor to protect all New Yorkers. Governor Hochul is on the record: she is committed to bolstering New York’s Reproductive Health Act. That’s why I’m thrilled to endorse her for governor. I am proud of the successes the Westchester Democrats have achieved locally, and I am excited to keep Westchester blue with Governor Hochul as our leader.”