April 28, 2022

Dear Democrats,

My message this morning: KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON.

After yesterday’s 4-3 decision of the NY Court of Appeals, authored by Chief Judge Janet DiFiore, New Yorkers no longer have maps for Congress or for State Senate. Most unexpectedly, the Court bypassed the Legislature, asserted the necessity of “judicial supervision” (at 29) and directed that a Special Master be charged with drawing “compliant” maps.  I say most unexpectedly because the appellate division had affirmed the residual power of the Legislature to “cure” any perceived redistricting error caused when the Independent Redistricting Commission did not forward a second set of maps (because it deadlocked). The Court held that the “procedural unconstitutionality of the congressional and senate maps is, at this juncture, incapable of a legislative cure” (at 30). 

It looks like we are headed to an August Primary for Congress, and State Senate; perhaps the Legislature will move the gubernatorial primary as well (silver lining note: perhaps that will help resolve the Lt. Gov. ballot question because if you were (for good reason) hesistant to change the rules mid-stream, well the rules just changed courtesy of the Court of Appeals… 

At the moment the Assembly maps remain in place. 

We should know more later this week or next about the maps (there is a hearing on 5/6 in Steuben County), petitioning, schedule, early voting locations and so forth and will let you know when we know.

In the meantime, I want to acknowledge the work we each do to make our democracy continue to work and thank everyone for their efforts.  Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day.  There will be a commemoration at noon today at the Holocaust Garden of Remembrance in White Plains, 148 Martine Avenue. Take a moment to reflect.