Brigid Bergen | Gothamist | Oct. 18, 2022

At least one New York Republican is worried about high voter turnout in New York City this November. He also happens to be a commissioner on the city Board of Elections.

Manhattan GOP Commissioner Frederic Umane, who has served on the city BOE since 1995, questioned why the agency sent a mailer to all voters this month with basic information about the upcoming general election, including where and when to vote. He raised concerns about cost, why the ten bipartisan commissioners had not approved it and noted that the city BOE was going beyond what it was required to do under state election law.

But ultimately, he warned the mailer risked driving up voter turnout in the five boroughs, which could be bad for his party, since Democrats outnumber Republicans in New York City by more than six-to-one….

This was not the first time in this election cycle Umane made public comments that seemed to put the concerns of his party ahead of New York City voters….