November 6, 2022

Dear fellow Democrats;

Tonight, Sunday November 6, 2022 the City of Yonkers hosted a Rally for Governor Kathy Hochul with President Joe Biden!  

 Mayor Mike Spano, County Executive George Latimer, County Chair Suzanne Berger and I are all very proud of the extraordinary turnout from our Democrats.  Democrats from Yonkers, Mount Vernon, Scarsdale, New Rochelle, White Plains, Greenburgh, Mount Kisco, all around Westchester.  Party and Elected Officials all joined us to rally and call our Democrats out to vote.

It had been nearly fifty years since a sitting President of the United States has visited our city, so this was a special honor.  Whether you got to stand up front or further back the excitement was electrifying.  We got to see Mayor Spano welcome the crowd to YONKERS!  We got to hear from County Executive George Latimer, U.S. Senators Charles Schumer and Kirstin Gillibrand, Congressman Jamaal Bowman, Attorney General Tish James, Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins and of course Governor Kathy Hochul who kiddingly called herself the warm up act for President Joe Biden.  

I know you all had to wait in long lines, go through security, stand around for several hours as did Suzzane and I, but it was an exciting night and very much worth the wait.  It was a great night to be a Democrat!  In fact, it has been a great week to be a Democrat.  We have made thousands of phone calls, canvassed thousands of voters, sent hundreds of postcards, text messages and Emails, and we have hundreds of lawn signs posted around our city.  

Our work is paying off.  Voter turnout has been very good since last Saturday and throughout the day today. In fact, as we rallied, hundreds of Democrats came out to vote during the last day of early voting!  We know that we have just tomorrow and Tuesday to energize the Democrats who have not yet voted.  We know that when Democrats vote Democrats win, we know that Democrats will protect our right to vote, protect choice, protect our children, provide educational opportunity, provide equality and justice to all — we know these things because we are Democrats.  

I know you have called many Democrats out to vote, but as I thank you for coming out to rally with me tonight, I must ask one more favor from you……. Do just a little more to keep our assembly district blue, our state blue and our country blue.  Make five more calls, send ten more texts, send 15 more emails, to family and friends to come out and vote Row A all the way from Kathy Hochul to Judge Ada Medina!  

Thank you for tonight, thank you for everyday that you work and make a difference here in Yonkers, in Westchester and in New York. 

I will see you on BLUE Tuesday!


Thomas G. Meier

Yonkers Democratic City Committee