April 28, 2023

Most Comprehensive Coordinated Campaign in State History

Chairman Jay S. Jacobs today announced the New York State Democratic Committee Statewide Coordinated Campaign. This campaign will be the biggest coordinated investment in state party history with engagement across the state up and down the ticket. 

“We are excited to launch the Statewide Coordinated Campaign ahead of the 2023 -24 elections. The goal of this campaign is to build out year-round organizing and campaign infrastructure and maximize utilization of shared resources,” says Chairman Jay S. Jacobs. “The Governor has made it clear since Day 1 that she intends to work with and in the Party to build out a strong and robust organization that is inclusive of federal, state, and local stakeholders. We applaud her efforts and her commitment to bring everyone to the table.” 

Key Components of the Campaign include:

• Year-round staff across the State
• Battleground Program
• Coordinated media and digital program
• Voter file enhancements
• Constituency outreach engagement and program focused on:
– Black
– Hispanic
– Jewish
– Youth and Colleges

The Battleground Program will target specific Congressional Districts to help Democrats win the House in 2024. That investment begins today with the shared vision the Party has with Governor Hochul, Leader Jeffries, and Senator Gillibrand.

Governor Kathy Hochul said, “I made a commitment when I took office that we would have the strongest Democratic Party that this state has ever seen. Today, I am proud to take another step toward making that a reality by launching this historic initiative alongside our partners. Working together, Democrats will win in 2023, 2024, and beyond.”

Leader Hakeem Jeffries said, “Democrats are poised to take back the House to continue our work delivering for the people – and the path to victory runs through the Empire State. I look forward to working with Governor Hochul, Senator Gillibrand and Chairman Jacobs to make sure that the New York Coordinated Campaign helps mobilize, organize and enfranchise voters to win in November 2024.”

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand said, “I am excited to work with Governor Hochul, Leader Jeffries, and Chairman Jacobs on this historic initiative. We have assembled a great team and we are looking to build the infrastructure to win this year and support our elections next year.”