The residents of Congressional District 17 deserve honesty from their Congressman. Let’s do our part.

Less than 24 hours after a horrific terrorist attack against Israel, Congressman Mike Lawler took to social media and television to politicize the current tragedy in Israel. He knowingly pushed the lie that funds designated by the Biden Administration for humanitarian relief in Iran are actually being used by Hamas in its ongoing assault. This cynical lie about the humanitarian relief funds has been extensively debunked, including by MSNBC’s Jen Psaki when she fact-checked Congressman Lawler on-air last Sunday and he was forced to concede the inaccuracy of his allegation. Sadly, since then, Congressman Lawler has doubled down on this lie. In a time of unfathomable pain and suffering, it is beyond the pale that a sitting U.S. Congressman would leverage the pain and fear of his constituents throughout the Lower Hudson Valley to score cheap political points. He owes it to his constituents to stop misleading them about this tragedy—especially when, ironically, Congressman Lawler voted to cut $1 billion in critical U.S. aid to Israel on Friday, September 29.


Suzanne Berger, Chair Westchester County Democratic Committee
Schenley Vital, Chair, Rockland County Democratic Committee
Jennifer Colomanico, Chair, Putnam County Democratic Committee