May 11, 2022

Today the NYS Supreme Court delivered their decision on the methods for ballot access for the August 23rd State Senate and Congressional Primaries.  Candidates for State Senate and Congress who have already filed petitions found to be valid by a board of elections or by determination of a court of competent jurisdiction, have the opportunity to submit a signed writing filed with the appropriate board of elections no later than May 31st.  The State BOE will set forth the elements contained in such writing no later than May 15 on their website. 

There is also an opportunity for prospective State Senate and Congressional Candidates who did not submit petitions earlier in the year to do so via petitioning.  The first day to collect signatures will be on May 21st, and the last day to file will be on June 10th.  The State Senate signature requirement will be 850, and Congress will be 1,062, or 4.25% of the number of enrolled members of the party in such districts, whichever is less. 

The decision can be found here and also includes the political calendar for the August 23rd primary, as well as the calendar for Independent Nominating Petitions. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. 

Jay S. Jacobs
New York State Democratic Committee