Kate Lisa | Spectrum News 1 | Oct. 21, 2022

A New York state Supreme Court justice in Saratoga County ruled a new state law that allowed absentee ballots to be counted on Election Day is unconstitutional while the decision to overturn COVID-19 as a reason to vote by mail rests with a higher court.

It means local boards of elections must preserve, or put aside, the absentee ballots they receive and hold them for later review.

The state Conservative and Republican parties led this challenge to the law, expanded in wake of the pandemic.

“Our office is still reviewing the ruling and its impact on the upcoming election,” state Board of Elections spokeswoman Jennifer Wilson said.

Petitioners argued the new rules are unconstitutional and impede a judicial review of problematic ballots….



Note from WCDC: All valid absentee ballots will be counted, it’s just a question of when. Vote during Early Voting or on Election Day to avoid the games Republicans are playing with counting your vote.