Azi Paybarah | The Washington Post | Oct. 21, 2022

Few noticed last month when a Republican super PAC began running ads in the congressional district just north of New York City that is represented by Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, the head of the Democratic committee tasked with trying to keep his party’s House majority despite strong Republican head winds.

Now, just over two weeks to Election Day, spending by that PAC has ballooned to $6 million and prompted one Democratic PAC to spend money to help Maloney, and another — which Maloney oversees — may jump in, too.

“It’s a real race,” said Suzanne Berger, chair of the Westchester County Democratic Committee. Westchester is one of three counties in the newly redrawn House district that Maloney is running to represent.

That realization has come relatively recently in an election year already favoring Republicans.

On Tuesday, the Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF), aligned with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), announced the bulk of its advertising against Maloney — $4 million. Later that day, Politico reported that a Democratic super PAC had begun “a rescue mission for the party’s beleaguered House campaigns chief.” So far the rescue has cost $140,000….