May 23rd, 2023

We call on George Santos (CD3), Anthony D’Esposito (CD4), Mike Lawler (CD17) and Marc Molinaro (CD19) to vote to raise the debt ceiling now. They must represent all their constituents. Default should not be an option. And if Speaker McCarthy will not immediately put a bi-partisan bill on the floor that raises the debt ceiling before the June 1, 2023 deadline with no strings attached, then today each member has the opportunity to help all New Yorkers by joining all House Democrats and Independents and signing the Discharge Petition to allow the House to vote on a clean bill that would raise the debt ceiling.

House Republicans must stop playing political games and threatening to default on the nation’s debt. The debt ceiling was raised three times under the last President.

If the MAGA House Republican proposal to avoid a default were to succeed, that “alternative” would deprive millions of Americans of Medicaid benefits, require the firing of 100,000 teachers, kick our children out of child care, rip food assistance from families and even slash veterans’ healthcare.

House Republicans have manufactured a crisis and are holding our economy hostage. It’s time for them to quit playing games and prevent a devastating default on the nation’s debt. Congress has a responsibility to pay our bills. Extreme MAGA Republicans are forcing a choice between cruel cuts or a default. We can’t afford to be pawns in Republicans’ game.Come on, George, Anthony, Mike and Marc. Do what is right by New York.


Jay S. Jacobs Chair

Suzanne Berger
Chair, Westchester County

Jennifer Colamonico
Chair, Putnam County

Schenley Vital
Chair, Rockland County