I write to you with a very heavy and broken heart. I write as your District Attorney, who is a Jewish woman and a daughter of a Holocaust survivor, devastated by the unthinkable atrocities we have witnessed this past week. The unconscionable violence and terrorism by Hamas–the kidnapping and slaughter of families in their homes, burning people alive, raping young women and dragging their bloody bodies through the streets–is nothing less than evil.  

The history and politics of the Mideast is plainly complex. However, condemning acts of violence carried out by a terrorist organization should not be up for debate. As much as I have been angered by those seeking to use this moment of terror to advance a political agenda, I have been heartened by the much broader outpouring of support for the Israeli people in this most distressing moment. 

As your DA, I want you to know that ensuring the safety and security of everyone–of all faiths–throughout the county remains my number one responsibility. That’s why I am using the power of my Office to work with local, state, and federal officials to monitor threats to any and all communities at this time. I also pledge to continue to fight hate in all forms against all groups by aggressively prosecuting hate and bias motivated crimes, educating the public, and building trust. 

As an elected leader, it is my duty to publicly and unequivocally condemn the atrocities that happened in Israel. We should hope and expect that all elected leaders, whatever their views on issues, do the same. On a personal note, I ask that you please reach out to your Jewish friends, because even if they seem ok, they are not. They feel especially vulnerable and scared right now and I am certain that hearing from their friends brings great comfort.

—Mimi Rocah