(White Plains, NY) — On October 16, 2023 the Westchester Board of Legislators unanimously passed a resolution in support of the people of Israel.

This resolution was drafted in response to the atrocities committed by the terrorist organization Hamas on October 7th, 2023 against the people of Israel. This unprecedented series of terrorist attacks was the single most horrific attack on the Jewish people since the Holocaust and resulted in the massacre of over 1,400 Israelis and abduction of over 200 hostages, plus the death and abduction of over a hundred foreign nationals including Americans.

Chairman Vedat Gashi said, ‘For the families lost, families torn apart, and families still to be rescued in Gaza we condemn the terrorist organization Hamas and support the right for Israel to defend itself…we pray for a swift resolution with as few casualties as possible.’

Vice Chairwoman Nancy Barr said, ‘The invasion of Israel by Hamas terrorists and the constant barrage of rocket fire against Israel cannot be tolerated.  Many residents of Westchester, including many in my District, have been deeply and personally affected by these attacks.  I stand firmly with Israel and the Jewish people as they defend themselves against this existential threat. As an American Jew, I particularly appreciate my non-Jewish colleagues who stand with me in solidarity at this difficult time. And I pray for the safe return of the hostages and the healing of all who are suffering from this ongoing trauma.

Legislator Erika Pierce said, ‘Hamas’ actions were so awful, so traumatizing that the word horrifying does not suffice. As a Jewish person I am in deep mourning. I mourn those lost. I mourn those traumatized. I mourn, as well, the civilians in Gaza who are paying the price for Hamas’ actions. We must bring home the hostages and find our way back towards peace.’

This resolution follows a press statement issued by the Westchester Board of Legislators on October 10th declaring its unequivocal support and solidarity with Israel and condemning the actions of the terrorist group Hamas.