April 30

IN MEMORIAM: Matilda Gilbert (1938-2021)

Longtime District Leader, 95th AD representative, and dear friend Matilda Gilbert passed away on April 19 from COVID. The committee has changed a great deal since I joined it nearly 10 years ago, but Matilda was a constant and I will miss her. —Maria Slippen, Chair, Cortlandt Democrats
April 23

BIRTH NOTICE: Leo Imamura (7 lbs, 6.5 oz; 20.3″)

BIRTH NOTICE: Leo Imamura (7 lbs, 6.5 oz; 20.3″)
Welcome to Westchester’s newest future Democrat, Leo Imamura, and congratulations to your parents, David Imamura and Kate Farley!
March 11

IN MEMORIAM: John L. Habib (1964-2021)

“John was a citizen of the world but always called Croton home. After decades of accomplishment in the U.S. and overseas, he returned to Croton to help make his hometown the best Village it could be… He cherished his memories of the Village as a young boy but knew communities must grow and evolve to meet the challenges of today.” —Alain Begun
February 19

IN MEMORIAM: Lawrence Otis Graham (1961-2021)

“We have lost a treasure… He had his hand on the pulse of the African American experience. Through his books, he provided a great window into it. He did a great job navigating the political dynamics of our county through his commentary and perspective. He was a vital segment of the African American mosaic here.” —Rev. Franklyn Richardson, Pastor, Grace Baptist Church, Mount Vernon